Electric Skillets Needed

electric-skilletAre you up for a challenge? Churches United Pantry has an idea that you could help bring to life!
Throughout October, the mental health and homeless support organization Changing Seasons is sponsoring daily events to draw attention to the plight of the unemployed and homeless in Lima. Changing Seasons, which is housed in the Y Annex, works closely with the men who live at the Y. One day in October, the services that CUP (Churches United Pantry) offer are going to be highlighted with a cooking event. Mary Stepleton, the director of CUP and a former Home Ec teacher, will be demonstrating food that can be cooked using ingredients from CUP and an electric skillet. The men at the Y annex have very limited cooking facilities, and Changing Season’s one electric skillet is in high demand.

That’s where your generosity comes in. We’d like to be able to give electric skillets to the men from the Y who come to the demonstration, but we need donations of skills. And, while we’re dreaming–we’d like Teflon spatulas and spoons so we can give them tools to use with the skillets. Small to mid-sized new skillets with tools to use them–that’s what we’re asking for. Could you spread the word in your organizations, your church congregations, in your Sunday Schools classes, groups and clubs, and collect their donations?

If you email us at limacup1.gmail.com, we’d be happy to arrange to pick up the skillets and tools that your people have given. Donations can also be dropped off at CUP or at any of our partner churches.

What: Drive to Get New Electric Skillets and Teflon Tools (spatula & spoon) for the Men Living At the Y

When: Deadline: Oct 15

Where: CUP Pantry

Who: Contact limacup1@gmail.com or bring donations to CUP

Why: Because Everyone Deserves a Hot Meal

Thanks for your support of this project and for your ongoing support!

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