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CUP’s Little Library

Rachel Clymer loves to read and has always had easy access to books. She wanted to spread her love of reading while earning the Girl Scout’s highest award, the Gold Award. To earn the award, she had to identify an issue in the community that she cared about, research it, and take action to address it. Providing easy access to books for people who may not have many is one way to encourage literacy, so the idea of creating a free library was born.

CUP patrons are welcome to browse through the collection and borrow volumes, and donations to the library are welcome.

Help Has Arrived

With stay at home orders coming from Governor Dewine due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CUP faced two dilemmas: our pantry badly needed restocked, and our volunteers needed to stay home. The National Guard came to our rescue! They picked up 18,000 pounds of food for us from West Ohio Food Bank, then shelved it.

For the time being, our clients pull their cars up to the side door and are greeted by members of the National Guard, who register the clients, then bring out their food. We are very grateful for this help! 

Why Food Pantries Matter: Senior Hunger

“In 2017, there are just more than 49 million Americans age 65 and over, and about 8 million of them can be considered facing the threat of hunger.” And those numbers are growing. The website  Aging In Place, sponsored by the National Council for Aging Care,  highlights the realities of hunger among the elderly. Details and information can be found at